Arche Nebra

Himmelsscheibe von Nebra

The Nebra Sky Disc

The so-called Himmelsscheibe von Nebra (The Nebra Sky Disc) was found some miles away from the Nature Park coordination center in the Ziegelroda Forest on the ‘Mittelberg’. Today you can find here an educational trail to the find spot and an information & multimedia visitors center: the Arche Nebra.

About 1600 BC the bronze sky disc was buried on the Mittelberg Hill. 3600 years later pot hunter ripped the Sky disc and other treasures. Some trouble later the Sky Disc was exhibited in the state museum in Halle. In 2007 the information center opend in Nebra / Wangen.

Arche Nebra information center

Next to the constantly presentation about the Sky Disc and the show in the planetarium the Arche Nebra also offers special exhibitions in the summer months. You can take part at guided tours, which are also offered with special features, e.g. activities for groups or school classes. You can make an individual trip (self-guided audio tour, available in 6 languages and for children). Also interesting are the lectures, theme evenings, events for children and families as well as special events like the falling stars night or at midsummer.

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