experience the triassic

The rock formations of the Triassic era, carved out by meandering rivers, characterize the landscape of this winegrowing region. Red beds, capped by chalk and followed by black shales form the Triassic stratigraphy. This tripartite structure gives the area its name (Triasland).

The rivers Saale and Unstrut engraved these rock layers and arrange the good visibility of the layer succession. They give a fascinating look into the earth’s history: the geological age can be studied at numerous points on well-marked geological education trails. Here you’ll find information boards about geological connections. The geo-trail-system links the most interesting points.  Also guided tours are available.

Fossils report of the creatures living in this region some 200 million years ago. Today for some rare species these Geotopes are important parts of their habitat. Numerous important outcrops are protected. The Nature Park association is responsible for the protection and accessibility of the geotopes and trails.

We invite you to take a journey back in time through the Triassic strata!

You can also visit the Triassic exhibition in Nebra/ Unstrut!
[opening times: Monday till Friday from 10 until 16 o'clock and on appointment. Phone: +49(0)34461/26905, mail: trias-ausstellung-nebra@t-online.de].