The Nature Park offers natural, geological, historical and archeological highlights. Your stay here can combine sportive activities (hiking, biking, canoeing) with cultural discoveries and culinary delights with mystical secrets.

Resting places of palaeolithic hunters in this region are approved. With the end of the last ice age human settlements arose and developed over the centuries. The Sky Disc dates back to the Early Bronze Age. The human used and formed the nature. Parts of this cultural landscape still exist. Now, the Nature Park wants to preserve this landscape, also the biological diversity. Additionally the dry and warm climate is the basis for still existing winegrowing.

Enjoy the multi-faceted culture and history of this area. Be inspired by the castles, palaces and parks along the Romanesque Road. Nowhere else in the middle of Germany you will find so many magnificent edifices, all bearing witness to a great historical and cultural tradition.

No wonder that we are on our way to be accepted as world cultural heritage site.

Touristic coordination and information center in the region: Saale-Unstrut-Tourism
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